boosting potential with our life sciences training solutions


Suiting your schedule, we provide of the shelf or tailored training for small and large groups. The program, training content, workshops, and assessments are customized to your according to your needs.


Some examples:

  • Onboarding training

  • Company GMP update

  • Awareness Training

  • In-depth topic courses

On-demand or Live 40-50 minute duration

learning in class or remotely

Recent developments have, of course, limited the options for real-life training but at pi life sciences we believe this shouldn't limit growth. Most of our training has already been adapted to webinars that can be provided live or on-demand.


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1. Define training

  1. Client & pi life sciences

  2. Discuss trainee needs

  3. Identify suitable modules

  4. Agree on content

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​2. Adapt Material

  1. Adapt where necessary

  2. Create new modules

  3. Optional: include your own branding

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​3. Deliver training

  1. Deliver full program

  2. Technical support standby

  3. Assessment after training

  4. Training records for your QMS


experienced training partner

Over the years, we have grown accustomed to providing our consultants and external professionals with the necessary knowledge that allows them to understand our clients, products, and processes.

We have an internal organization, tools, and staff that is fit for training:

  1. Knowledge Management

  2. Competences Matrix

  3. KPIs on Training


areas of expertise

In collaboration with pi life sciences' trainers, the onboarding process is adapted according to your requirements. Our seasoned professionals have experience reaching through the entire life sciences development process and are eager to assist you with creating a culture based on knowledge and quality.

Our strengths and solutions are focused on:

  • qualification & validation

  • GxP & ISO compliance

  • quality management

  • quality assurance

  • quality control

  • CSV & data integrity

  • HPLC

like what you see?

If you would like to learn more about the various ways our training solutions can boost your talent's potentional, feel free to request more information or a demonstration of our online webinars.