Our training superhero

Hilde van Dingenen


In the dense realms of the Novicea Nebula, we find the origins of one of the pi league's most trustworthy and committed heroes. Her personal vendetta with Lady Indifferous, who is out to hunt and acquire young recruits and sending them into the world unprepared and solely for her own personal gain, has led her through the galaxy and now finally to earth, to pi life sciences where she tirelessly continues in her pursuit to help others. 


Making it her business to focus on the well-being and growth of others, she is considered to be a guardian to pi's younger associates and uses her superpowers to arm them with knowledge and the energy to keep growing.


By being able to sense their needs, she has become a vital part of the league and helps us to rescue our industry from mysticism and ignorance and Lady Indifferous' minions who refuse to learn. She does so by sharing knowledge and constantly improving the skillsets of our heroes and unlocking their minds' full potential. 


47 Years Young




Supersenses & Boosting Potential


Smothering her apprentices with love


Finding the superhero in everyone


Lady Indifferous

Driving our training program


As a driving force in the Training Universe, she provides training and masterclasses to improve the knowledge in 'Understanding Pharma'. She goes beyond basic teaching and focuses on a person's particular needs and always finds that part in you that is waiting to grow.

Additionally, as an Insights Discovery Practitioner, she helps people to understand their behavior to become more effective personally and in teams. As a company that commits itself to investing in its people, this role is paramount.

Making the world a safer place


" I believe we need to grow together to be better. In each one of us, there is a superhero waiting to discover his or her own superpower and although the road to it might be bumpy, I will always be there to help our younger pi heroes reach their full potential! "


Hilde van Dingenen -  Training Superhero

Heroics at pi


Our pi life sciences superheroes do more than simply join us at job fairs and other events and help us optimize our way of working, generate content, etcetera. They save the day time after time and lead pi life sciences into the future. Some of Hilde's contributions to our team:

  1. As one of our senior trainers, Hilde is actively involved in training external program

  2. She is the warm welcome and go-to hero when you need advice of any kind

  3. She mentors our heroes-to-be for a better and more knowledgeable world of tomorrow

How Hilde typically saves the day!


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