Our Project Management Superhero

Hendrik Mommaerts


Hendrik is one of the up and coming young heroes in pi life sciences league of superheroes.  His home in the shrowds of the Projectus Dimension with its many patches of fog, crispy clouds, and complete lack of clarity, has honed his sense of oversight and superb planning skills over the years. And most of all, it's where he gained his X-Ray Issue Solving.

After finalizing his battles with Micrio Managerio, his not-so agile nemesis, and a being of pure chaos matter, with a proper close-out,  he has now made its way to our industry. Dedicated to bringing projects back from the brink of darkness. Prepared to face whatever blurs on planning  Micrio's henchmen have in store for him today. He sees through all of it.

Being able to see through the challenges of day-to-day operations, he tirelessly pursues excellence in the preparation, execution, of projects and saves the day time and again by delivering on time, within budget, and with a smile on his face.


33 Years Young



Biomedical Sciences & Ph.D

X-Ray Eyes that see through any complication.


Repetitive tasks and not knowing where his team stands.


Gaining insight through data analysis and transforming big tasks into manageable items.


Micrio Manegerio

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Excel Knowledge Sharing


Every business is built on them: Excel files. Not every company might know how to make the best of this program but over the years we learned that Hendrik most certainly does.


Under his guidance, we have developed a full set of project management tools. Throughout pi life sciences he is well-known as the go-to guy for all Excel-related questions to become effective project managers themselves. 

" Make Excel, not war"


Hendrik Mommaerts - Project Management Superhero

Heroics at pi


Our pi life sciences superheroes do more than simply join us at job fairs and other events and help us optimize our way of working, generate content, etcetera. They save the day time after time and lead pi life sciences into the future. Some of Hendrik's contributions to our team:

  1. Being the point of contact for our clients' projects and keeping them on track

  2. Maintaining good relations with our internal team

  3. Supporting new members to the league and sharing his PM skills

  4. Assist in the recruitment process to surround himself with like-minded heroes

How Hendrik typically saves the day!


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