Our super CSV hero - Bart Degroote


After its destruction by Dr. Unintegrius, Bart was one of the few remaining heroes sent to us from planet Validor. Through the millennia, his people had been known for their focus on accuracy and adhering to the rules of their society. 


On earth, he continues the ways of his ancestors and their oath to compliance they held dear. However, his archnemesis is looming on earth as we speak and Bart is the only one who stands in between compliant processes and the evil Dr. Unintegrius and his minions keeping stand-alone Excel files in a GMP environment. 


Age:  47 Years Young

Studied:  Biotechnology, Brewery & Analist Programmer

Superpower:  Super Compliance Laser Eyes

Weakness:  Losing himself in our clients' projects

Goals:  Banishing uncompliant XLS files from GMP processes

Archnemesis:   Dr. Unintegrius and his minions

Making the world a safer place


" Compliant computer systems help create better medications that will eventually lead to a  better and safer world. And I will not stop until my work here is done! "


Quote from our CSV Super Hero

Heroics at pi


Our pi life sciences superheroes, do more than simply join us at job fairs and other events and help us optimize our way of working, generate content, etcetera. They save the day time and again and lead pi life sciences into the future. 

  1. As one of our senior experts in the pi superhero league to determine the company's focus

  2. He is actively involved in our alumni program

  3. Besides his day-to-day struggles in battling uncompliant behaviour he actively represents pi

  4. Most notably, he mentors our heroes-to-be for a better and compliant world of tomorrow

How Bart typically saves the day!


#1 - Implementing new applications


To save companies from certain doom, Bart is always looking for the ideal digital solutions to fix their compliance en DI gaps. It is the quest to the best solution toward a certain problem that he enjoys.


Besides the search, he also facilitates migration of your legacy data to a new validated application and all according to current GPM standards. And you can be sure of it that your data is not migrated without a verification that is finalized with a complete report. 

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