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At pi life sciences, we share what we know and this is why we frequently publish our knowledge. Through these interactions, we gladly show our expertise and they are without any form of obligation. If you'd want to participate, simply register below.


Within pi life sciences' fields of expertise our consutlants offer practical solutions to industry challenges and are based on a combination of theory and hands-on experienceThey share their expertise in these regular updates regarding industry news, changing legislation, and best practices on how to improve your organisation. 

Engineer in Laboratory

Laboratory Instrument Qualification

How to apply a risk-based strategy for your laboratory instrument qualification to assure compliance to the anticipated intended use?


During this course, you will retain a strategy which allows you to develop a qualification approach commensurate to the risks identified.

Vitamins and pills

Understanding GxPs

This presentation will highlight different aspects of the pharmaceutical production process, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the regulations applied to the industry by governments.


You will be able to identify different roles and responsibilities in the production process to which you are attracted most.

Image by Anastasia Dulgier

Pharmaceutical Project Management

During this training we aim to provide a concise and ready-to-use overview of project management  tools which can be applied to any project (waterfall, agile or hybrid) and do not require specialized project management software.

  • Clarify project scope, assumptions, dependencies, responsibilities and benefits

  • Ensure that no information is lost

  • Follow-up of actions & decisions

  • Minimize the amount of delay(s)

  • Manage resources efficiently

  • Track performance of the project

Image by Science in HD

QA & QC in the Life Sciences Industry

The production of sterile products and injectables require extensive measures towards the elimination of microbiological contamination.


This training will provide practical and technical instructions to faciltate sterile production.

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Computer Software Assurance

Get introduced to process design, project management, application and technical experience related to CSV.


Learn about common challenges and how to define the best strategies for implementation.


Naturally, we will discuss GAMP-5 based, Part 11 compliance (21 CFR part 11 and Annex 11), and following a risk-based approach. And also the upcoming views on Computer Software Assurance.

Image by Lucas Sankey

Lumina Spark

Get introduced to Lumina Spark for personal and professional development!


For a change, we are offering an introduction to Lumina as well. The goal is to create awareness of you and your colleagues' behaviour as an employee and as a person.

Lumina is the next generation of professional development tools supporting individuals, teams and organisations to work more effectively and improve the bottom line and we are certified to share these training with our Life Sciences audience!

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