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We match consultants to projects and not vice versa. We do not subcontract projects and since our inception, we have always chosen to limit our growth rather than accept anything less than excellence. This approach results in the lowest staff turnover in our industry and most of our consultants choose to work as our employees.

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pi life sciences consultancy has become a reference through its unique combination of expertise, professional training and empathetic management. Each of pi’s consultants brings with them their own set of knowledge, skills and experiences. Without exception, they are high achievers driven by curiosity and motivated by success. Together they comprise a formidable diversity of abilities and personalities.


When it comes to salary benefits and packages, pi understands that there is no one-size-fits-all formula. That's why we’re offering our talents the incentive of designing their own rewards package, so they have the freedom the shape compensation packages to their own individual and often shifting needs. Through our pi academy, we're offering an integrated and personal approach to blended learning. It enables a flexible methodical and didactic design, that makes individual learning more diverse and interesting.

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To meet our clients' expectations, we are constantly looking for a wide variety of life sciences professionals ranging from fresh starters to seasoned experts. Frequently, we are asked to support projects including people with the profile examples mentioned below. However, the extent of our services goes beyond these and if you are pursuing a career in life sciences, we would embrace the chance to get acquainted.

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