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constantly investing.

constantly improving.

pi life sciences consultancy


how we contribute


We deliver strategic advice in the life and material sciences industry that enables our partners to position their product or service to meet regulatory, market and customer expectation. By guaranteeing to deliver appropriate and cost-effective results, we enable our partners to operate and compete successfully in their market sector.

Our consultants have various backgrounds and each of them has his own unique expertise, offering valuable knowledge and insights.

value added resources

We can provide consultants or contractors on a fee for service basis, with expertise in various quality, operational engineering and technical roles for medicinal, biotechnology and healthcare products.

We offer tailor-made solutions whether for a small-scale or a well-established company. We understand how to balance the needs of the business with its compliance demands.

business process outsourcing

Outsourcing of business processes can help to surmount the challenges of an increasingly regulated industry. In pi’s specific business process outsourcing (BPO) services, we take BPO to the next level delivering our contractors and consultants “As-a-Service”: serving a need where the services market requires increasingly agility, collaborative and consumer-centric support.


pi helps companies to be compliant and to manage risks. We reduce operational costs and increase efficiency. We understand the challenges life sciences companies face and build the tools needed to achieve their business goals. This allows our partners to fully concentrate on their core business.

quality throughout the product lifecycle

research & development

quality assurance, quality control & regulatory affairs

manufacturing, warehousing & packaging

NPI, technology & method transfer

continuous improvement

delivered by our experts

knowledge sharing

Besides sharing our hands-on expertise in real life, we regularly share updates regarding industry news, changing legislation and tips on how to improve your organisation. 

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