Young Dementia Awareness

Young Dementia Awareness

Young Dementia Awareness logoAs a company that serves the life sciences industry, we feel it’s important to also give back to our community. Through our Young Dementia Awareness engagement, we want to reach out to people diagnosed with young dementia. We want to support them in any way possible and create more awareness and understanding for people with young dementia.

Early 2017, we partnered up with the Alzheimer Liga Vlaanderen and the Ligue Alzheimer ASBL. Our engagement focusses on personal support towards people diagnosed with young dementia, their caretakers and family as well as supporting events concerning young dementia.

CEO Patrick Leyseele explains: ‘This initiative stems from our desire to help people. Young dementia has an enormous impact on the lives of people we usually don’t associate with loss of memory or cognitive functions. It is my desire and hope that with this initiative and our personal commitment, we will succeed in raising awareness and move people around us to support people with young dementia as well as their caretakers.’



2018 projects

pi life sciences consultancy unveils Het Ventiel art display at its head office

Flemish Symposium Young Dementia: frontotemporal dementia

Young dementia patient group Les Battants takes an inspiration visit to Les Maisons de Crolles


2017 projects

In 2017, pi supported and organised a number of events to create more awareness on young dementia.


Our partner organisations

Alzheimer Liga Vlaanderen

The Alzheimer Liga Vlaanderen vzw is a patient- and volunteer organisation founded in 1995. The organisation provides additional support to people with dementia, their caregivers and their family. The organisation represents the Flemish wing of the National Alzheimer Liga. Go to website


Ligue Alzheimer ASBL

The Lige Alzheimer ASBL represents the Walloon wing of the National Alzheimer Liga. Its main focus is offering information and support to people confronted with dementia. The organisation wants to enable both patients and their loved ones to remain autonomous and independent. Go to website


Het Ventiel

Het Ventiel wants to encourage people with young dementia to break free from their isolation and to engage in activities in a social context together with their volunteer buddy.

Founded in 2015, Het Ventiel strongly focuses on self-worth, quality of life and joy in life. Their art class is just one of the numerous activities the buddy organisation offers its members. Go to website



pi partners up to raise awareness for early-onset dementia

pi life sciences consultancy launches a Music For Life-campaign to lift the taboo on young dementia